Vicarious is a turnkey robotics solutions integrator using AI to automate tasks too complex and versatile for traditional automation. They use AI to automate tasks that are too complex and versatile for traditional automation. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of scientists and engineers with expertise in machine learning, neuroscience, and robotics. Its mission is creating "intelligent robots for a new golden age".  Since its inception, Vicarious has attracted significant investment from a number of high-profile investors, including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Their technology has been published in peer-reviewed journals, featured by the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, and is helping companies like Pitney Bowes deliver critical products to their customers. There is no doubt that Vicarious is a company to watch, and its impact on the future of artificial intelligence is already being felt. Vicarious is known for its work in developing a new type of AI system based on a theory of how the human brain works. The company's approach is inspired by the way the brain processes sensory input, such as images and text, and uses this information to make decisions.

They offer the following solutions:

Kitting is a solution that is used to automate tasks such as packing. It is a high-mix, high-changeover solution that is used for boxes, pouches, trays, and other containers.

Palletizing is a solution that is used to automate tasks such as moving standard and mixed pallets. It is a high-speed solution that is used for both standard and mixed pallets.

Packaging is a solution that is used to automate tasks such as inserting products into containers. It is a tight-fit solution that is used for master case repacking (variety packs), late customization for retail displays, bundling, and other use cases.

Wall picking is a solution that is used to automate tasks such as picking products off of shelves. It is a pick-to-light solution that is capable of handling virtually any item for e-commerce or direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

Vicarious is working on developing unique partnerships such as truck unloading, heterogeneous parcel handling, manufacturing and storage, assembly, machine-tending, and more on its product roadmap.

Check out the company's website for details about its solutions.

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