This Week's Wrap-up: AI Latest Breakthroughs and Headlines of the Week!

Join us as we explore the latest trends, exciting breakthroughs, and cutting-edge applications of AI taking the center stage every week.
This Week's Wrap-up: AI Latest Breakthroughs and Headlines of the Week!
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Welcome to Nextomoro -your go-to source for the latest breakthroughs and headlines of the week in AI. We'll be diving into the latest news and developments in AI, examining the most significant breakthroughs and their potential impact on industries and society. Join us as we explore the latest trends, exciting breakthroughs, and cutting-edge applications of AI taking the center stage every week.

Paizo's bold move to oppose AI-generated artwork

Paizo is a famous role-playing games and fantasy fiction publisher based in Redmond, Washington. Founded in 2002, the company has made a name for itself by creating various imaginative fun worlds, including the popular Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs. With a strong focus on community engagement and creativity, Paizo has built a loyal following among gamers and fans of fantasy fiction alike. The company recently announced a policy against using AI-generated artwork in its products, stating that it wants to support and promote the work of human artists instead. The company's decision comes as AI-generated art continues to gain popularity in the gaming industry, with some developers using it to create everything from game characters to landscapes. Paizo's move is seen as a bold stance in an industry where AI-generated art is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Elon Musk's interest has shifted from cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence.

The famous entrepreneur and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, made an announcement on his official Twitter page on March 3, stating that he is more interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) than cryptocurrencies. Musk shared a Twitter thread expressing his preference, stating that he used to be interested in cryptocurrencies but has now shifted his focus to AI. The tweet sparked a discussion among his followers, who shared their views on the topic. Musk is known for his involvement in various tech industries, including electric cars, space exploration, and now AI.

Fetch.AI Unveils Bold 2023 Roadmap for AI Crypto Token.

The market for artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to grow by approximately 22.26% CAGR between 2022 and 2027. The total size of the AI market is predicted to increase by roughly $125.3 billion. Blockchain technology is expected to play a critical role in the adoption and utilization of AI, with Fetch.AI (FET) being among the few noted AI-based crypto projects. FET has experienced a significant increase in price in recent months due to ongoing hype.

The team behind Fetch.AI has released a roadmap outlining key milestones they aim to achieve by the end of the year. The milestones include their ledger, AI, notifications, agents, and wallet developments. Their initial focus is releasing a series of micro-agents, a branch of AI used in Fetch.AI, and integrating them into the wallet. The announcement comes as the crypto project experiences an exponential surge in price, fueled by ongoing hype.

Stable Diffusion's Parent Company Aims to Raise Funds at $4 Billion Valuation

Stability AI Ltd., the parent company of Stable Diffusion, is reportedly in talks to raise funds at a valuation of around $4 billion. The amount of capital being sought is unknown, and the decision to proceed with the funding round has not been made. The valuation is subject to change. The sources requested anonymity as the information is not public.

Austin Police Department Unveils Innovative AI-Driven System for Non-Emergency Reports

The Austin Police Department has launched a new non-emergency online reporting system that employs an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to interview people. Developed in partnership with Versaterm Public Safety’s Case Service, the AI assistant communicates through voice, mobile, web, and text, conducting a full interview with the person filing the report and relaying the information to the police department. To use the system, users must be over 17 years old and report a non-emergency situation. Once submitted, the person will receive a confirmation email with a case number.

Possibility of Designing New Proteins with AI

The application of artificial intelligence algorithms to protein structure has seen significant breakthroughs, with DeepMind's AlphaFold2 predicting the structures of 200 million proteins. Now, a team of biochemists at the University of Washington, led by David Baker, has gone further by using AI to design custom-made, functional proteins that can be synthesized and produced in live cells. This development creates new possibilities for protein engineering. Ali Madani, founder, and CEO of Profluent, which also designs proteins using AI technology, praised the study and noted that it marks the start of a new field in protein design. The study, published in Nature on February 22, could have significant implications for areas such as drug development and materials science.

Canadian Educators Embrace ChatGPT in the Classroom

Canadian professors are well-versed in teaching students how to effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT to complete their homework or essays. Rather than discouraging the use of AI, these professors encourage discussion and analysis of the technology to ensure students are using it ethically and accurately. This approach prepares students for the increasing role that AI will play in their future careers and daily lives.

UAE's Direction on Education Transformation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is planning to revolutionize the education sector by introducing AI-powered tutors into classrooms. According to Ahmad Al Falasi, the Minister of Education, the government is working on introducing AI-generated tutors to schools in order to embrace AI and machine learning technology. However, he also emphasized that teachers would remain the mainstay of learning. The AI chatbot tutors are expected to use technology similar to ChatGPT or Google Bard to enhance the education system in the UAE. Mr. Al Falasi made the announcement at the Alef Education Summit held at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Microsoft Introduces ChatGPT for Writing New Code for Real-time Tasks

Microsoft has introduced a new feature to its language model, ChatGPT, which can generate new code for robotics scenarios in real time. The feature leverages the knowledge of LLM, which allows for controlling different types of robots for a variety of tasks. The tasks include solving robotics puzzles and performing complex robot deployments in the manipulation, aerial, and navigation domains. Additionally, the model can perform tasks with minimal prompts, making it an efficient tool for controlling robots in different scenarios. The new feature is expected to have a significant impact on the robotics industry, improving the efficiency and capabilities of robots.

Apple Approved a Chatbot-Driven App

Apple has given its approval for an AI chatbot-driven app after receiving assurances from its developer regarding content moderation. There have been concerns about AI chatbots such as ChatGPT generating inappropriate content, leading to calls for stricter content moderation. The unnamed app in question is said to have undergone rigorous testing and received approval after meeting Apple's content standards. The app is expected to leverage ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities to provide personalized recommendations to users.

An AI-based E-commerce Platform for Personalized Shopping

A 21-year-old entrepreneur is set to launch an AI-based e-commerce platform that offers personalized shopping experiences for users. The venue, named AIME, uses artificial intelligence to curate product recommendations based on the user's preferences and interests. AIME is designed to simplify online shopping by providing personalized product recommendations and reducing the amount of time users spend searching for items. The platform also aims to help small and medium-sized businesses reach new customers by providing them with a digital storefront. The founder of AIME, who is still studying at university, plans to launch the platform in the coming months.

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