Artificial Intelligence to project different styles and furniture layouts onto a photograph of a room.

As an advanced AI-driven interior design service, IACrea has been making waves in the industry since its launch in March 2023. It offers an innovative solution to both professional and amateur decorators seeking to visualize different decor styles, room arrangements, and complete overhauls.

With 1663 photos generated in just two months, IACrea stands as a testament to the future of the interior design industry, merging technology and creativity. It uses Artificial Intelligence to project different styles and furniture layouts onto a photograph of a room, thereby reducing the time, money, and resources traditionally needed in the design planning stage.

Addressing the Problem:

Before IACrea, redecorating a space required a significant time investment, substantial financial resources, and the ability to visualize how different styles, furniture, and arrangements would look in real life. This often left those lacking professional design experience feeling overwhelmed. Further, it made it challenging to visualize potential transformations during home tours or open houses, which could impact the selling or buying decision.

The IACrea Solution:

IACrea has addressed these problems head-on with its suite of AI-powered tools. Users can now take a picture of a room and see how it might look redecorated in various styles — such as modern, Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist — or repurposed, like transforming a bedroom into a kitchen. The whole process takes between 10 seconds to 10 minutes, making it a valuable tool during property visits.

This innovation does not only make visualizing changes easier but can also inspire creativity, presenting designs that users might not have thought of themselves.

Expansion of Possibilities:

IACrea has opened a new world of possibilities. With this service, potential homeowners can project themselves into an accommodation during a visit, and sellers can enhance their property's appeal. It provides a quick way to get inspired, and to see a room transformed, before committing to any actual work. With the "furnish" feature, even an empty room can be dressed up virtually to offer a tangible vision of its potential.

This tool is not limited to homeowners or buyers. Real estate agents, interior decorators, home stagers, and even furniture retailers could find IACrea advantageous in their work.

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Hoai Luong

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