A £10 Billion Investment in AI-Powered Fighter Jets

UK, Japan, and Italy joined in collaborative efforts to Invest £10 Billion in AI-Powered Fighter Jets with the Aim of Autonomous Flight.
A £10 Billion Investment in AI-Powered Fighter Jets
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The UK has announced plans to invest a staggering £10 billion in the development of its next-generation fighter jet, which will incorporate deep-learning artificial intelligence and could potentially fly without a pilot. The Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) will bring together cutting-edge technology from Britain, Japan, and Italy, with the aim of creating the most advanced combat aircraft in the world. The project is set to take off in 2035, with the potential to revolutionize military aviation and provide new levels of capability and protection.

While the massive investment in the GCAP is seen as a major step forward for the UK's military, concerns have been raised over the lack of funding for other areas of the armed forces. Some UK generals have expressed disappointment over the government's recent budget announcement, which allocated limited funds to the Army. However, the development of the next-generation fighter jet is expected to create new opportunities for research and development and boost the UK's defense industry.

Talks between junior government officials and contractors from Britain, Japan, and Italy are ongoing to determine which companies will build the various components of the Global Combat Air Programme's (GCAP) next-generation fighter jet. The GCAP aims to incorporate "deep learning artificial intelligence" and potentially fly without a pilot.

Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is expected to lead the design with the UK's BAE Systems, while Italy's Leonardo Spa is working with Japan's Mitsubishi Electric on the aircraft's sensors. Rolls Royce PLC is working with Japanese jet engine maker IHI Corp.

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